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neuromuscular massage

stress release massage

lymphatic massage

A Neuromuscular technique used to treat muscular - skeletal pain and dysfunction. Tissue manipulation is involved by using thumb and finger application. This approach improves general function to release muscular tension and elimination of trigger point activity. The patient/ client always reports a marked benefit.

A wonderful therapeutic massage of the neck, head, shoulders, and back involving myofascial and body mobilization techniques restoring function and relaxation to muscle tissue.

Dr. Vodders Method | This technique is a gentle healing touch that stimulates and encourages lymph flow, assists in reducing edema and enhancing cellular renewal. Great for tired legs and circulation problems. Excellent for pre and post-operative procedures.

1 hour



45 mins



1 hour



30 mins


An aromatic oil foot soak followed by a relaxing foot massage that stimulates the body’s natural capacity to heal itself through pressure on specific areas of the foot. 


1.5 hours

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