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Massage Treatments

Neuromuscular Massage

1 hour…$125.00
1.5 hr…$175.00

A Neuromuscular technique used to treat muscular – skeletal pain and dysfunction.

Tissue manipulation is involved by using thumb and finger application.

This approach improves general function to release muscular tension and elimination of trigger point activity.

The patient/ client always reports amarked benefit.

Stress Release Massage

45 min…$75.00

A wonderful therapeutic massage of the neck, head, shoulders and back

involving myofacial and body mobilization techniques restoring function and relaxation to muscle tissue.

A re-energizing massage!—

Lymphatic Massage

(Dr. Vodders Method)

1 hr…$125.00

This technique is a gentle healing touch that stimulates and encourages lymph flow,

assists in reducing edema and enhancing cellular renewal.

Great for tired legs and circulation problems.

Excellent for pre and post operative procedures.

—Extremely relaxing.—


30 min…$50.00

Reflexology is a Healing Art of Ancient Origins.

A theraputic method of alleviating pain by stimulating the pressure points

upon the feet that connect to nerves in the body,and encourage the flow of the circulatory system. 

Reflexology does not constitute medical treatments,

the ultimate purpose is to promote wellness and over all health!

Ear Candling

30 min…$40.00

Ear candling is an age old practice that dates back 2,500 years,

from the ancient Egytians, Tibetans, Chinese and American Indians. 

This technique involves the use of  a hollow candle that generates heat. 

The warmth from the lighted candle creates a vacuum that melts down solid ear wax and draws it into the base of the candle,

soothing to the ear canal, a relaxing lymph massage using frankincense oil on the neck

creates a sweet balsamic aroma, all resulting in a very relaxed state. 

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