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Facial Treatments

                                  Yonka Anti-Aging Facial

                                            1  3/4 hour…$200.00


                  This beautiful facial treatment consists of skin cleansing, exfoliation,

                  gentle steam, and deep pore extraction,combined with micro-peel

                  and micro-dermabrasion botanical ampules,along with special

                  thermal heat application assisting tone and improvement of tissue.

                  A therapeutic foot and arm massage, and gentle lymph drainage massage

                  on face, neck, and shoulder are included and finished with a soothing mask.


                                     Outback Refresher Facial

                                                             1 hour…$100.00
                                              Micro-dermabrasion 15 min…$145.00


                    A delightful facial for a quick ‘getaway’.face_cleansing-314x314

                    Gentle cleansing and exfoliation combined with

                     botanical extracts provide nourishment and hydration.

                     A gentle soothing lymphatic massage of the face, neck,

                     and shoulders along with a therapeutic foot and

                     and massage provide a deep sense of relaxation.


                                     Yonka Hydrating Facial

                                                         1.15 hr …$150.00
                                          Add-on Micro-dermabrasion 15 min…$185.00


                                                 Escape to thiYONKA  HYDRATING FACIALs total Yonka experience.

                Gentle cleansing followed by a micro-peel, steam and minimal extraction. 

                A hydrating mask leaves the skin instantly revitalized. Deep relaxing lymph

                massage of the face, neck decollete and shoulders along with a therapeutic

                foot and hand massage, provides a deep sense of relaxation.


                                      Acne Control Facial

                                                        1 hr…$120.00
                                      Add-on Micro-dermabrasion 15 min…$175.00


                      A corrective facial for problem skin with blackhead and acne breakout.

                      Gentle cleansing and steaming using specialized ampoules for softening

                      and elimination of blackheads, spot zone therapy, antiseptic plant

                      concentrations and soothing mask helps to regenerate

                      and eliminate on a cellular level.


                                     Back Cleansing

                                                1 hour…$100.00
                                Add-on Micro-dermabrasion 15 min…$150.00




                      A cleansing of the back for those hard places to reach.

                      This treatment involves exfoliation, micro-peel, and

                      deep pore extraction followed by a soothing and

                      balancing seaweed mask.

                      For That Occasion Where You Want To Show Some Shoulder!